Commonly Asked Questions

A virtual funeral service or memorial is held on Zoom or any other streaming platform and is a combination of live and pre-recorded elements. It's an excellent way to bring friends and family together to honor and celebrate your loved one when everyone isn't in the same place at the same time. But they can be there - virtually.

On the day of the Virtual Funeral Service, invitees log in to a Zoom link they've received. Guests can remain in the comfort of their own home or anywhere they choose. They can connect via phone, computer, or any other smart device and watch a tribute filled with personal reflections of their loved one.

A Virtual Service has opening and closing remarks, readings, songs, tributes/eulogy, a slideshow, personalized graphics, a candlelight tribute, and a live reception. BlueButterfly’s Virtual Service includes step-by-step planning, consultation, and technical support. We add personal touches that will bring out the very essence of your loved one. It's a cost-effective and complete funeral service.

Streaming a funeral is different from a virtual funeral service in that the service is taking place at an actual venue, such as a funeral home or church. Friends and family who are not physically present at the service can view a Streaming Service remotely on Zoom via their phone, computer, or any other smart device. But unlike a virtual funeral service, they can only view the funeral and not participate in the funeral service.

Think of it as a traditional funeral, but one that's streamed LIVE, enabling a wider audience to attend. It allows those, for example, who live far away to participate in the service - giving everyone a sense of community and togetherness as they honor and celebrate the life of the deceased.

BlueButterfly offers a Concierge Live Streamed Memorial Service. We can help you create and stream a customized funeral service that includes graphics and music. We can also help you create a slideshow and a live online reception for those who are viewing in the Zoom audience.

Planning a Virtual Funeral is similar to planning a traditional funeral; you select a date, prepare an Order of Service, identify speakers, make musical selections, and send out invitations. You decide who will appear live (on the day of) and who will pre-record. Making all these decisions can be challenging during this very emotional time so we suggest you begin working with a company like BlueButterfly right away to ease some of the burden for the family or funeral planners.

BlueButterfly can help with step-by-step planning for a beautiful Virtual Funeral that will capture the spirit of your loved one and leave your family and friends with lasting memories.

Same as above for Virtual funeral service.

Ask your funeral home if they offer a streaming service. If they don't, contact a company like BlueButterfly, which can work with the funeral home to provide the technological support needed to stream your service.

A memorial video is a heartfelt video tribute to your loved one, which you can play at a time and location of your choosing and keep for generations to share. It can include recorded tributes, poems, music, and a collage of visuals (photos and videos) representing the full spectrum of your loved one's life; in the workplace, engaged in their hobbies, on vacation, and of course – celebrating special moments with family and friends.

The memorial video paints a one-of-a-kind picture of your loved one's life. BlueButterfly can assist you in creating a beautiful, elegant memorial video.

To create a memorial video tribute to your loved one, you must decide what elements you would like to include. Then you contact anyone who you’d like to record a tribute – family members, friends or colleagues. It's essential to gather as many pictures and videos as you can find and reach out to others to help. Select a musical choice to accompany your video. Did your loved one have a favorite song or artist? How about a favorite instrument? What type of music did they prefer? Did they like sacred music, pop, or country music, for example? The elements of the video are edited together, and the completed video is available to post on social media sites, share with family and friends and watch again and again.

Suppose you're unable to edit it yourself? No worries. BlueButterfly is here for you. If you need more information on creating a memorial video, reach out to BlueButterfly.

An online memorial or a memorial page is an online tribute to your loved one to which family and friends can contribute. So – how do you create a memorial page? Various elements can go into the mix. The main components can be an obituary along with a schedule or information for the funeral or memorial service itself, which includes an RSVP link. The page can also feature a slideshow or memorial video of your loved one. There is space to add a link where people can donate to a designated charity on behalf of the deceased. And for a personal touch, you can create a Share Your Memory section where you can invite family and friends to show their love by contributing text (written) memories, pictures, and videos. Think of a memorial page as a shared experience online – and it lives online after the service. Family and friends can reflect, reminisce and continue to share memories.

Live-streaming a funeral is a very cost-effective way to bring together family and friends to honor your loved one when everyone can't be there in person. And the customized memorial service can be as exceptional as your loved one.

In addition to streaming from a live venue, our Concierge Streamed Service includes hosting an online service, complete with personalized graphics and music. We'll also record the service for you. Our starting price is $1,200, and slightly higher if you want the service to include a slideshow or online reception, both of which can add a heart-warming personal touch to the overall service.

A quote(s) can be a religious verse, a famous quotation, a poem, or even a favorite paragraph from a book - anything that reminds guests of your loved one.

Deciding what quotes to use in a eulogy or service can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Perhaps you can recall if your loved one ever used a phrase again and again. Google the phrase and see if it has a historical source. Reminding the audience of your loved one's own words and where they came from might be a poignant moment. Your loved one might have admired a politician, religious figure, or a celebrated person whose quote would resonate. If your loved one was known for a great sense of humor, you might add a humorous quote to your delivery.

You can always include more than one quote. If you can't find anything specific, think about what brought your loved one joy and find a poem or reading to reflect that joy.

To assist you in finding the quote(s) for your service, BlueButterfly has gathered a collection of readings in different categories. You are welcome to take a look at the collection and find the perfect words to honor your loved one.

The cost of a Virtual Funeral varies, depending on the elements you want to include. BlueButterfly's Concierge Full Virtual Service includes; opening/closing remarks, tributes/eulogy, music, technical assistance/advice, and so much more. The starting price is $2,200. Keep in mind that you can upgrade that package and add other personal touches, such as a Candlelight Tribute and online reception. A Virtual Funeral Service can cost much less than a traditional, in-person funeral.

The Zoom platform enables people to join any gathering, including a funeral, from anywhere using the proper link.

If you’re attending a Live Streamed Service on Zoom, you will see the venue where the service is located and those gathered in the church, funeral home or at the graveside on your screen. As a guest, you may receive a message to turn your camera off and mute your audio, since you cannot participate in this live streaming service while it’s underway. You will be able to leave written messages for the family in the Zoom chat area. Some companies will also offer an online reception once the actual funeral service is over. You would receive instructions about how to participate in that online reception.

A fully Virtual Funeral, which is entirely online, is accessed by a link to a Zoom location. All the participants in the service and all of those who are watching the service are on Zoom. As a guest you will likely be asked to turn off your own camera and mute your audio. If you have been invited to contribute to the service, you will receive instructions on how to do so. The virtual service itself opens with a Welcome from a minister, family member or friend. The rest of the service can include readings, musical selections, a eulogy, a candlelight ceremony, and any other rituals the hosts might want to include. At the conclusion of the service, the hosts have the option of holding a live online reception, in which anyone on the Zoom call can share remembrances and condolences for the family.